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  Rustique's Home Decorators & Stylists


"I love the challenge of discovering and highlighting each customers style. creating a home that flows and functions well will not only increase your home's value but will also help you save time and your hard earned money. My ultimate goal is to create a home that feels comfortable, functional, and beautiful." - Lorissa


Lorissa is a home decorator, social media boss, and artist at Rustique. She loves all things Vintage, eclectic, and most of all functional. Lorissa loves decorating in Farmhouse, Traditional, Spanish Modern, Nautical, Corporate and Eclectic styles.



"Design is intentional. In everything that I design and create is for a reason and speaks to all of our God-given senses. Whether its a workshop to a living room I want your home to be what it was created to be, to inspire." - Tawnya


Rustique Store owner, founder, and visionary Tawnya is a designer, artist, decorator and the bones of Rustique. She loves to create spaces that make you feel welcomed and loved. Her realm of home decorating expertise includes Farmhouse, Traditional, Transitional, Shabby-Chic, Eclectic and whatever style you might want to be created in your home.


"Each room tells a story, and each person within that room will remember that story. People & design are meant to be together. I want to help design spaces that not only look beautiful but create rooms that facilitate beautiful memories. " - Shelia


Shelia is Rustique's website guru, fill-in store stager, and home stylist & decorator. She has curated and designed for large events for the past 5 years and now decorates homes for a living. She loves to decorate in Modern, Mid Century, Bohemian, Eclectic, Farmhouse, Events & Holiday Home Decor styles.


Our team of experts is ready to take on any home restyling projects. Rustique's team focusses on gathering the right pieces to make your room or entire home the visual dream you've always wanted. We would love to chat with you about what you're hoping for and how we can help accomplish any home styling and decorating projects!

Rates vary depending on the size of the project, however, our normal hourly rate is $65.00 per hour. Contact us for Holiday Decorating as well!