Renew. Restore. Rebuild.

That was our motto for our Harvey shirts. Even before the storm was over, we began looking at ways we will recover from the devastation. We set our sights on the restoration of what was lost. We wanted to rally the grit and resilience of our community to focus on the next steps in renewal.
Rebuilding and recovery will take time. But there are blessings in every tragedy. God tells us that He is working everything together for our good. So we know that when hard times come to look for His handy work. It will be there.

Just before Harvey came, another storm hit me, my family, and all of us at Rustique. I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I needed surgery. My doctors at MD Anderson said I had a very low chance (5-10%) of the cancer being in the lymph nodes so I had an option for a simple procedure and leave them. Simple surgery and back to work. Sounds good. I prayed about it. God gave me a clear message to go through with the "bigger surgery".
So two weeks ago I underwent a colon resection surgery to remove the tumor and surrounding lymph nodes. The tests came back. It was in one lymph node. I'm so thankful for that still small voice that leads us. How He leads us!
That spirit of restoration and recovery is alive in me. No matter what we are facing in life, there is always a time of recovery. I will weather this storm. I will seek Gods goodness and grace. And end the end, I will be like my Harvey friends. Renewed. Restored. And Rebuilt.

Much love my friends,
I will see you soon at Rustique,
❤️  Tawnya
October 04, 2017 by Tawnya Crawford


Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor said:

I am praying for speedy recovery for you ?Blessed?

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